Singapore Nightlife For Expats – 5 Things To Do

Singapore night life

If you are an expatriate to Singapore, and have not yet been in Singapore for long, here are some of the most awesome things about Singapore’s nightlife that you can enjoy as an expatriate. Some of the following suggestions are friendlier on your pocket, while others may require some hundred dollar or even thousand dollar bills! But it should be no problem for your expatriate’s salary.

Although Singapore is well known for it being business and investor friendly, it also has other benefits for expats such as nightlife entertainment! It’s just not as often talked about because Singapore’s even more awesome for business headquarters and investments due to stability of the region.

Here are the 5 things you can do as an expat in Singapore if you want to enjoy Singapore’s nightlife entertainment to the fullest!

5 highly recommended nightlife activities for expats in Singapore:

  1. Bars – Clarke Quay

    Thanks to the small land area of Singapore, many things are concentrated together. Although this can mean potential overcrowding in certain areas, it also means that you can access a lot of different pubs, bars and clubs all at one location – the Clarke Quay river side strip. One of the most popular hangout places for adults at night, Clarke Quay really shines during Wednesday night (where it’s ladies night in Singapore and girls get free entries into clubs), Friday night and Saturday nights. If you want to enjoy and meet some local Singaporean ladies, then make sure to enter Clarke Quay bars and clubs during either one of these three nights.

  2. Casinos

    Although Singapore may seem very conservative and no one talks about gambling at the casinos publicly, it is actually very popular and Marina Bay Sands Casino and Resorts World Sentosa Casino are both super hotspots for tourists and expats who like gambling. Most of the people there are gamblers and high rollers from Indonesia, China and Hong Kong. If you are a gambler, you must go to these casinos. You will see few locals there, as there is a $100 levy on Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Although $100 is nothing, most local gamblers are not exactly the wealthy ones. Only the poorer parts of Singapore population like to gamble, so $100 is an effective deterrent to them. The wealthy ones generally prefer just enjoying life and doing business in Singapore… and other forms of nightlife entertainment. You will be pleased to know that the casinos are open 24 hours if you are a gambler.

  3. Clubs

    I hope you are not too old, because 90% of the top night clubs in Singapore attracts mainly only people aged 19 to 35. If you are older, you can obviously enter, but it will be a little odd. Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, and working as an expatriate in Singapore, you are probably aged between 28 to 38. That is still fine. But if you are above 40, unless your attire shows that you’re clearly loaded with money and you look young, local girls may not want to talk to you. But if you are an expatriate between age of 28 to 38, make sure to check out Avalon and Attica, two popular clubs among expats, as they are higher priced and attract a better audience (hint: prettier women).

  4. Escorts

    You may think that Singapore doesn’t have escorts, but Singapore does. Of course, there are lots of illegal escorts here on illegal work permits / non-existent work permits from the neighbouring South East Asian countries. However, if you stick to engaging only local agencies, you will do fine, as they engage only locals (for the legal agencies). Escorts in Singapore are generally more well educated, and are very classy, unlike the typical slutty looking escorts in places like Las Vegas.

  5. Food

    You simply cannot talk about Singapore without talking about its food! Singapore has some of the best and cheapest hawker food in the world! In fact, most of these stores are also open till past midnight – which is a real gem and enjoyment for expats who used to come from countries like America or Australia, where everything closes at 5 or 6pm.

So there you go, 5 things you should do as an expat in Singapore for your nightlife entertainment. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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