How To Enjoy Singapore Better? Social Escorts!

Singapore has fantastic food and everything is in close vicinity to everything else, making it an awesome hot spot for expats, locals and tourists. So how then can you enjoy Singapore even more, especially if you are a tourist or visiting businessman? The best and easiest way is to engage a social escort to bring you around Singapore (Do note this is for the loaded clients and not budget ones.)

Social escorts from local agencies are usually strictly local, Singaporean girls. This means that they will likely be very familiar with Singapore’s roads, good drinking places e.t.c. By engaging a social escort model to show you around, not only are you able to have a pretty girlfriend for the day, you are also able to be brought around Singapore!

Obviously, as the main goal of an escort is romantic companionship to you, she may not be as well educated with respect to the nitty gritty bits of Singapore that a tour guide may know. However, when you compare having a really pretty and hot girl as your female companion around Singapore who may know 10% less about Singapore than a old and plain Jane tour guide, the former is definitely more attractive as an option!

So with all that talk, where can you find an escort to accompany you? Social escorts in Singapore are easily found online, and you can simply search Google, Bing or Yahoo for these agencies. Most social escorts in Singapore work with agencies, instead of independently due to Singapore’s conservative culture. They will rather be able to hide behind the privacy of a local agency.

Do note that when you are searching for a social escort in Singapore, make sure only to engage those models from agencies. There is a reason why you seldom hear people in Singapore engage independent escorts – this is simply because their online photographs are usually fake and not representative of how they actually look like in real life. In business, this is called bait and switch. It’s unethical, and therefore most people have a deep distrust of non-agencies in Singapore. Take this advice from me – a regular of escort services in Singapore – only engage social escorts from agencies. You don’t want to be given a bad scare when you bump into the supposed local Singaporean but turned out to be a foreigner! Additionally, most independent escorts are basically prostitutes, and not escorts. So they will not accompany you around Singapore and bring you around. However, reputable escorts will do that, as they are actually social escorts and female companions for hire, and not prostitutes.

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