Best Night Clubs In Singapore?

If you want to enjoy Singapore’s nightlife, you cannot miss out on its vibrant and packed nightclubs! Here are some of the most popular nightclubs you can possibly find in Singapore, both among locals as well as expatriates.

First of all, it would be Ku De Ta. If you are a foreigner, you will love this club, as any foreigners flock to this club. This is especially so during large Singapore events such as the F1 racing events in September. Located at Marina Bay Sands, Ku De Ta is for the average tourist.

Second of all, if you are absolutely loaded, check out Pangaea. Pangaea is one of the world’s most expensive clubs. Each table costs between $2000 to $15000, and many people there are regulars and are multi millionaires at least. (Unless they are a friend of someone who is one.) This is definitely recommended if you want to separate yourself from the crowd. In fact, I dare say this is the only club where business deals may be made. Only relationships may be made in other clubs. But both relationships and business deals are born in Pangaea.

Third of all, if you want to join in the usual and most famous club in Singapore, you must check out Zouk. Zouk is one of Singapore’s largest clubs and hosts some of the most prominent entertainment events in Singapore. It’s definitely a must go to if you are an expatriate in Singapore.

There are obviously several other nightclubs in Singapore, but many of them are only frequented by students and rowdy ‘teenagers-like’ people. If you are already a working adult, go to the above three, they are definitely much more recommended.

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