Working A Job In Singapore’s Nightlife Industry?

Is it lucrative to get a night job and work in Singapore’s nightlife industry given that Singapore is frequently visited by wealthy foreigners, investors and businessmen? Let us explore that today.

There are various types of jobs which are classified under Singapore’s nightlife or adult industry. This does not mean dodgy or illegal. It simply means that only adults are able to enter these locations or engage these services, such as clubs, bottle service, bars, escort service, pubs e.t.c.

So now let us explore and see which of these jobs can pay you really well.

First of all, jobs in clubs. There are three prominent jobs in every club – bouncer, DJ and baristas. Which one of these jobs pay the best? DJs jobs definitely pay the best – if you are good at it. As a bouncer or barrister, you can only make so much money. However, if you are a world class DJ, you can command insane levels of income. Some DJs make 4 or 5 figures per gig! If you want to work in a club and be well paid, work towards becoming a world class DJ. Singapore can be your jumping stone to international DJ fame.

Second of all, you can look into escort service work. You must make sure only to pick reputable, legal and registered Pte Ltd companies. A way to make sure that you are entering a reputable and legal agency is to make sure that you can at least find a website or social media profiles of their agency, with actual likes e.t.c. going to it. Additionally, make sure that there is no sex or sexual services as part of your job scope. If the agency fulfills both of the above points, then chances are, you can consider joining it. Of course, not everyone can enter, and escorts are almost always only female. Additionally, you must be attractive and great at customer service. You are essentially a ‘girlfriend’ companion to the client. Escort jobs is among one of the highest paying jobs you can get in the nightlife industry in Singapore. Join a reputable, legal agency and you will be able to make all that cash without dodgy work!

Third of all, you can look into jobs at pubs or bars. Most of the jobs here are simply being a waiter/waitress or barista. I will say that this is one of the lowest paying businesses in the nightlife industry. Only work at this if you want to simply make a little bit of side income as a university undergraduate (or Poly student if you are above 18).

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